Bank Sohar S.A.O.G
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  1. Store your ATM card in your purse or wallet where it will not get scratched or bent
  2. With the ATM card, the Bank will provide you with a four digit personal identification number (PIN). The PIN has to be entered before every ATM transaction
  3. When changing the PIN, choose a PIN that is a series of numbers that you can easily remember, but that cannot easily be associated with you personally
  4. Avoid using birth dates, house numbers or a part of your phone number as PIN Numbers
  5. The PIN should preferably be memorised. If you must write it down, store it in a place away from the ATM card
  6. Stand directly in front of the ATM keypad when keying in your PIN. This prevents anyone standing nearby from seeing your personal information
  7. After your transaction, take your receipt, card and money away. Do not stand in front of the machine and count your money
  8. In case you are using a drive-up ATM, get your vehicle as close to the machine as possible. Lock the doors of the vehicle before you drive up to the machine
  9. Do not leave your car running while using a walk-up ATM. Take your keys with you and lock the doors before your transaction
  10. If someone or something makes you uncomfortable, cancel your transaction and leave the ATM. Follow up with the bank to make sure the transaction was cancelled