Bank Sohar S.A.O.G
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Al Mumayaz Corporate internet banking gives you the power to execute critical bank transactions instantly from your office location. You no longer need to go to your branch, find parking, or wait in queues. Once you log into Internet Banking on, you can view your account information and carry out transactions over the Internet. Mentioned below are some of the key facilities offered to you through Corporate Internet Banking.

  • Account Balance Enquiry and Statement
    • Obtain real time account balance and information about operative, deposit, loan and trade accounts.
    • Check out past transactions and download periodic statement in text, excel, and other formats.
  • Transfer funds
    • Transfer funds to your own linked Bank Sohar Accounts.
    • Transfer funds instantaneously to any Bank Sohar Account.
    • Create and track standing instructions.
    • Transfer funds in various currencies to accounts with Bank Sohar.
  • Trade Finance
    • View a snapshot of all your outstanding LCs, Import and Export Bills and query on existing LC/Bills.
    • Apply for Letters of Credit.
    • Query letters of credit based on parameters such as LC reference number, expiry date range, beneficiary, type of LC, currency, etc.
  • Payroll
    • Manage your payroll details in the Internet Banking Service and credit salaries to your employee accounts with Bank Sohar instantaneously.
  • Multi-level Approval workflow
    • The Service supports a comprehensive multi-level approval workflow for all financial transactions.
    • Approval rules can be set up for a specific corporate, account and amount range to decide on the flow of approvals
    • Corporate user is allowed to choose the approver based on predefined setup rules.
    • For transactions awaiting approvals, alerts are available as soon as you login into Internet Banking.
  • Bulk / File Upload
    • The Service supports file based initiation of bulk transfers. You can create transactions by uploading the files in excel, text and other formats.
    • You can upload and hold a file for creation of transaction.
    • There is a multi-level approval for uploaded files. This ensures that no one person can singly transfer funds and that the normal approval hierarchy of your organization is followed. You can check the status of the uploaded file.
  • Corporate Administrator
    • The Corporate Administrator can create and maintain users for your company.
    • You can set login time restrictions for users for all the days of a week. This ensures that users do not access the Service outside of your working hours, if you so wish.
    • The Corporate Administrator can modify account access for corporate users.
  • Service Requests
    • You can request a Pay Order to be issued from your Bank Sohar Account.
    • You can request for cheque book.
    • You can renew your existing Fixed Deposits with Bank Sohar.
  • Mails
    • You can interact with your designated Account Manager to resolve any queries regarding your Bank relationships through inbuilt e-mail box within your Internet Banking Account.
  • Activity
    • You can track the financial and non-financial activities transactions done through Net Banking.
  • Change Profile
    • You can change your login and transaction passwords. This ensures security and integrity of access.
    • You can personalise your account numbers with names you can easily remember.
    • You can change the date format to your preference.

You can use millions or lakhs as the preferred format for viewing your account balance.