Bank Sohar S.A.O.G
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  1. Change your SMS Banking PIN number:

    The SMS PIN number consists of four digits, e.g. 1235. Bank Sohar recommends that you change your SMS PIN number as soon as you receive it. You may change it by sending an SMS to 90404 (Please refer to FAQ for SMS formats) or by logging in to the Al Mumayaz Internet Banking on the bank’s web site (

  2. Keep your SMS PIN number confidential:

    Never disclose your PIN number to anyone including bank officials. If you think someone knows your PIN, change it immediately.

  3. Delete all messages sent to Bank Sohar from the sent items of your mobile phone.
  4. Shred unnecessary financial documents immediately: Discard PIN mailers immediately after memorizing the number. Never write them down, or store them in your mobile phone


As a policy, Bank Sohar staff will never ask you for passwords, PIN or any other sensitive information by e-mail, SMS, or voice calls.

If you receive an e-mail, or SMS alert claiming to be from Bank Sohar regarding updating sensitive account information or PIN numbers, please do not disclose any information. Inform the Bank immediately either by sending an e-mail to or by calling Bank Sohar call center (+968 24730000). In case you have revealed sensitive information on any site, or to an employee of the bank, please call up call center and inform them immediately.

For those individuals on the fast track and continuously on the move, SMS banking is just the right service to keep pace with your every move.

Whether you want to know the latest transactions on your account(s), balance of all your account or status of your cheque, a simple SMS to 90404 from your registered mobile number is all that is needed