Bank Sohar S.A.O.G
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Investor Relations at Bank Sohar is concerned with providing and distributing information about the Bank and its financial performance to existing and potential shareholders and to the public at large, at regular periodic intervals.

Bank Sohar has complied with the procedures prescribed in the guidelines of the Capital Markets Authority with regard to channels of contact with shareholders for the objectives of maintaining investor relations.

All the Reports of the Board of Directors with the Financial Results of the Bank are available on the website of the Bank, both in Arabic and English. These reports provide corporate information, details of the Bank’s performance and data that is essential for investors.

Bank Sohar has endeavoured to establish meaningful relations with its shareholders and investors. The Bank will, at all times, seek to strengthen its relationship with its existing investors, conduct itself in a way that enhances shareholder value and attracts more investors to be a part of its business.