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Sohar International Announced Winners of 3rd Monthly Draws under its Prize Scheme 2019

Sohar International, in step with its vision of ‘helping people win’ along with a commitment to encourage a prudent savings culture in Oman recently announced winners of its Monthly Draws for April 2019. The Monthly Draws; under the Sohar | Prize Scheme 2019 is crafted to the theme of ‘Now That’s Winning’ and has rewarded Four winners with a grand total of OMR 100,000 in the General and Wealth Management segments. The event was held under the auspices of His Excellency Sheikh Rashid bin Said Al Kalbani, Wali of Nizwa, at the famous Nizwa fort, and attended by the bank’s customers.

Sohar International Announced Winners of 3rd Monthly Draws under its Prize Scheme 2019

The event witnessed some entertaining activities including traditional folklore and a play performed by locals. The event also witnessed special draws for the audience to extend the spirit of winning further beyond the bank draws. Following the monthly draws and announcement of the four lucky winners, the bank presented a token of appreciations to H.E. Sheikh Rashid bin Said Al Kalbani, Wali of Nizwa.

Commenting on rewarding customers through the draws and enabling them to win and achieve their ambitions, Mr Khalil Salim Al Hedaifi, Chief Retail Banking Officer at Sohar International said, “Our Sohar International brand is all about winning and our Prize Scheme is constantly reflecting this spirit through its various draws and the many chances given to customers to win. The scheme has already rewarded over 200 customers with cash prizes and will continue to promote prudent savings habits among citizens and reward savers in the process. Our monthly draws along with the weekly and quarterly draws serve as perfect opportunities to connect with customers across Oman and help us drive the culture of savings forward. On behalf of Sohar International, I would like to congratulate each of the winners of the Monthly Draws; as well as encourage all our other customers to continue saving so as to maximise their chances of winning this year.”

Ms N. Al Hosni from Al Khaboura branch and Ms A. Al Ismaili from Ibra Branch were rewarded with OMR 25,000 each in General Segment, and from the Wealth Management Segment, H. K. from Al Qurum branch and Muneer Al Zadjali from Al Mabeela branch each won OMR 25,000. To be eligible in the monthly draws, customers from the General segment need to maintain a minimum monthly average balance of OMR 100 while Wealth Management customers will need to maintain an average monthly balance of OMR 40,000.

Sohar International Announced Winners of 3rd Monthly Draws under its Prize Scheme 2019

Offering customers more chances to win, Sohar International conducts other regular draws including Weekly Draws of OMR 4,500, Quarterly Draws giving away OMR 200,000 in total equally split between two customers from the General segment and two customers from the Wealth Management segment. The biggest prize of the year will be in the 2019 Year-End grand draws, giving away a total of OMR 400,000 distributed equally between four customers; two from the general segment and two from the wealth management segment.

Additionally, Sohar | Prize Scheme for the year 2019 introduced new draws including Salary Transfer Monthly Draws for customers who transfer their salaries (of a minimum of OMR 500) to Sohar International account by the end of each month; rewarding lucky winners in these draws with a total of OMR 5,000, distributed equally between 10 winners each month. Moreover, Sohar International introduced two new draws to celebrate special occasions, namely the Omani Women’s Day with OMR 10,000 equally split between ten winners, and the 49th National Day with OMR 49,000 to be won by 49 customers.

All Sohar I Prize Scheme 2019 accounts will have four chances for every minimum average balance maintained in their accounts, while Minor accounts will enjoy double these chances. The Sohar I Prize Scheme 2019 is not exclusive for accounts in Omani Riyal only; saving accounts that are maintained in AED, GBP and USD are also eligible to participate in the Sohar | Prize Scheme 2019. For those seeking to save without participating in the prize draws, they can instead choose interest bearing accounts.