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Like & Donate With Sohar International’s #WinningTogether Ramadhan Campaign on Social Media

Continuing to promote the spirit of winning, and in line with its various Ramadhan CSR initiatives, Sohar International launched a unique social media campaign entitled #WinningTogether with the aim of highlighting the act of giving, even with the smallest kind of contributions, can have far reaching social impact.

Like & Donate With Sohar International’s #WinningTogether Ramadhan Campaign on Social Media

The #WinningTogether campaign focuses on three charitable causes, namely Iftar Sayem, supporting the differently abled children, and Eid clothing for orphans. The campaign works by inviting followers on the bank’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages to like the campaign posts, and the bank pledges to equal each ‘like’ with a monetary donation of 100 Bz.

Mr Ahmed Al Musalmi, Sohar International Chief Executive Officer, said: “The holy month of Ramadhan truly brings with it a spirit of giving enabling people to win by focussing on being generous and productive. The Sohar International brand personality aims to promote the same spirit by highlighting the “human” aspects of all activities that are relevant and connect us to our community. Stemming from this basis, the #WinningTogether Ramadhan Campaign on our social media channels is a perfect opportunity for us to spread and promote such values through non-conventional ways that are also relevant to people’s lifestyle in the digital age, creating winning opportunities for thousands of people who can be part of a noble cause through a simple act on their behalf, but have a far reaching impact on lives of many people benefiting from the donations.”

The #WinningTogether campaign kicked off on the first day of Ramadan, attracting huge attention and interest in all social platforms. The campaign will continue throughout the month, and the bank will be delivering the donations and announcing them on the local newspapers and across its social media pages.

Sohar International has an actives and strong portfolio of CSR activities, covering various charitable causes. Over the years, the bank has contributed and helped people make winning changes in their lives through collaborations with more than 30 associations around the Sultanate. The bank’s new vision is to become a world-leading Oman service company that helps communities and people to prosper and grow, ultimately contributing greatly to the country’s socioeconomic development.