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Why should I use Verified by Visa? Why do we need Verified by Visa? Hasn’t Bank Sohar been taking my security seriously before? I was asked to sign up for Verified by Visa when I was in the middle of buying something online. Is this a scam?While registering for Verified by Visa, I was asked to enter my phone number, can I enter any phone number? What do I do if I forget my password? I’ve been sent an email by Verified by Visa asking me to update my details. Is this right? How do I apply for the Excel Credit Card? Who is eligible for an Excel Credit Card? What should be a minimum employment period to apply for an Excel Credit Card?What is "salary assignment"? Is there an age limit?What if salary is not assigned? Is the Excel Credit Card issued against collateral (blocked funds or Margin)? What are the salary criteria to get an Excel Credit Card? What is the maximum credit limit?Where can I use my Excel Credit Card? How much time it will take to get my Excel Credit Card once approved by the Bank? How can I get my card delivered to me? Do I need a PIN-code for cash withdrawals? Where should I get my PIN? What are the membership / subscription fees? What is the minimum amount of re-payment? What about supplementary cards?What is the interest rate Bank Sohar is going to charge me?What happens if my card is lost of stolen?What is the date for the Statement of Account?When is my due date to settle the outstanding on my Excel Credit Card?What are the special features of Bank Sohar Credit Cards?