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Unique solutions to shape the future of young Omanis

Education can redefine the future and is essential to what tomorrow will be. Not only does it reshape one’s future, but also equips them with the knowledge and means through which they can overcome challenges and obstacles in their career path, fulfilling their dreams in life. This is why at Bank Sohar we have made sure that our “Al Mumayaz” Education Services are tailored to meet all your educational needs.

The “Al Mumayaz” advantage:

  • Financing options covering college fees, accommodation and travel expenses
  • Payment of only interest amount during the study period
  • Grace period of 12 months after studies for non-working students
  • Competitive interest p.a. rates during the study period
  • Variable loan limits depending on the tenor and specialisation area of higher education
  • Easy repayment options
  • Higher education consultancy services covering:
    • Advisory services on higher education options
    • Administrative support for college placements
    • Mentoring support during the study period
    • Overseas education guidance

Are you eligible?

Our “Al Mumayaz” Education Services are available to all young Omani students pursuing higher education and Omani employees seeking to advance in their educational qualifications for better career prospects.

Whether you are a student or a professional, we want you to dream big and aspire for better. So visit any of our branches or call us today on 24730000 and add a new perspective to your life with Al Mumayaz Education Services .