1. How do I open an account with Sohar International?

To open an account with Sohar International you may walk into any of the Sohar International branches and complete the formalities of opening an account.

2. Who is eligible to open an account?

All Residents of Oman (both Omani's and non-Omani) above the age of 18 are eligible to open an account. Accounts for minors may be opened by the parents or the guardian of the minor.

3. What documents do I need to provide to open an account in Sohar International?

Omani nationals should provide copy of their national ID card. Non-Omani Residents (Expatriates) should provide copy of their passport and resident card. Both should also bring the minimum amount required to open the particular account.

4. What are the features and benefits of Sohar account?

The account holder has round the clock access to his funds through the nation-wide network of ATMs including over 650 OmanNet ATMs.Sohar International customer can use the ATM facility free of charge. The account holder is also entitled to the checking facility, can make local and international remittances, transfer money telegraphically and transfer funds between accounts in Sohar International. The account holder also has access to all the electronic channels.

5. What are the electronic channels?

The Sohar account holder can sign up for electronic channels like Sohar I Internet Banking and SMS Banking.

With internet banking, the account holder may view the account on line, transfer funds between accounts and use the secure e-mail facility to communicate with the bank.

With the SMS Banking facility, the account holder can sign up for several ‘PUSH’ and ‘PULL' alerts and enjoy SMS banking from anywhere using the mobile phone.

6. What cards will I get when I open an account with Sohar International?

When opening an account with Sohar International, you will get a Visa Debit Electron Card. you will enjoy access to your funds through 650 ATMs for cash withdrawals and through Point-Of-Sale networks for making payments for your purchases in shops, restaurants, supermarkets etc. in Oman and all over the world.

You can use your Sohar International Visa Debit Electron Card electronically for cash withdrawals at more than one million ATM machines and for payment at 29 million merchant locations worldwide, including Oman. In Oman, customers can use over 500 ATMs of the Oman Switch free of charge.

7. What are the different types of accounts and deposits?

The different types of Sohar accounts and deposits are:

  • Sohar I Minor Account - a customized savings product exclusively for young children below 18 years of age.
  • Sohar I Saving Scheme Account - an account in Omani Riyals that may be opened and operated by all residents in Oman above the age of 18 years.
  • Sohar I Interest Baring Saving Account - where customers are rewarded with interest on their deposits
  • Sohar I Current Account - a regular banking account that allows the customer to transact all their financial operations.
  • Sohar I Term Deposit Account - an account that guarantees rich returns without risk.
  • Sohar I Ready Cash - combines high returns with instant liquidity allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of earning a high-interest yield on their term deposit, together with instant access to liquidity through an overdraft facility 24/7.
8. What are the features of the Sohar I Minor Account?

This is an account for children that parents or guardians may open to plan a future for the child. It can be opened with just OMR 5. The parent or guardian has access to their child's account through the branches and ATMs. They can also give instructions to transfer a fixed amount every month from their account to the child's account.

10. What is the Sohar I Current Account and what are the requirements?

A customer needs OMR 200 to open a current account and must maintain a minimum balance of OMR 200 at all times. In case the minimum balance is not maintained, the account will attract a maintenance fee deduction of OMR 2 every month. The account holder is provided with a cheque book and has 24 hour access to the funds through the ATMs. There is a facility for transfer of funds to and from other accounts in Sohar International and monthly account statements will be provided free of cost. The account may also be operated by a third party with a power of attorney.

11. What is the Sohar I Term Deposit Account?

Sohar I Term Deposit Accounts at Sohar International offer the customer the option to invest in a choice of currencies - Omani Riyals, US Dollars, Sterling Pounds, Euros and Japanese Yen - for different periods to suit your requirements. The account can be opened individually and, jointly by residents of Oman(Omani and None-Omani). They may be opened by individuals, businessmen, business and commercial establishments, corporate organizations, institutions, government and semi-government organizations and charitable trusts.

12. What are features of the Sohar I Term Deposit Account?

The minimum opening amount for this type of an account is OMR 1,000. Standing order facility is available for the payment of interest and the principal amount. Third parties may operate the account with a power of attorney. Loans are available against the term deposits and there is a facility for free transfer of funds.

13. What is a Personal Financial Solution?

Personal Financial solutions from Sohar International are loans designed to meet the individual's requirements to finance like buying a car, renovating a house, going on a vacation, meeting marriage costs, paying for you child’s higher education etc.

14. What are the products that Sohar International has for all of these?

Sohar International offers the following products:

  • Sohar I Personal Financial Solutions
  • Sohar I Education Financial Solutions
  • Sohar I Home Financial Solutions
  • Sohar I Car Financial Solutions
15. Who is eligible to apply for the Sohar I Personal Financial Solutions?

Personal Financial Solution facilities or loans are available for all Omani nationals and residents who receive a regular income through employment.

16. What are the features and benefits of theSohar I Personal Financial Solutions?
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Longer repayment periods
  • Lower monthly instalments
  • Flexible repayment plans
  • Higher loan amounts based on income
  • Loan top-up facility to meet additional requirements
  • Life insurance cover is available at affordable premiums
  • Simplified documentation and speedy processing of the loan
17. Is there a facility for transferring an existing loan from another bank?

Yes. Customers have the option of transferring an existing loan amount with other banks to Sohar International to enjoy the unique features of the Schemes.

18. What are the documents I need to provide when I apply for a personal loan?
  • Omani customers - National Id card
  • Expatriates - Resident card and passport + copy with valid visa
  • Salary certificate from the employer if employed
  • Letter of liability from the current bank - if applicable
  • Salary statement for the last three / six months stamped by the current bank depending on the type of employer
  • Loan statement for the last three months duly stamped by the current bank- if applicable
  • Completion of the Loan Application Form

19. Who is eligible for the Sohar I Education Services?

Sohar I Education Services or education loan facility is available to Omani students wishing to pursue higher education and to Omani employees looking for advancement in educational qualifications.

20. What are the features of the Sohar I Education Services facility?

The financing options cover:

  • College tuition fees
  • Accommodation and
  • Travel expenses.

The loan limits are variable and depend on the period of the study and the area of educational specialization. During the period of study, only the interest amount needs to be paid during this period. Both the student and the parent/guardian have a life insurance cover. The Bank arranges for advisory services for the student through Al-Ajyal on options for higher education and mentoring support during the period of study.

21. What documents does the person need to bring when coming for an Education Services loan?

The documents required are from four parties:

  • Parents / guardian
  • Student,
  • Institution selected for study
  • A separate set of documents is required from customers who do not wish to assign their salaries.


Salary Assignment

  • Education Loan Application
  • Salary Assignment Letter
  • Copy of Liabilities Certificate (if any)
  • Last 3-month bank statement (new customer & existing customer)
  • Valid ID card copy
  • 3 Photo
  • Undertaking Letter from the guardian (to pay the loan in case of any default of other reason)
  • Undertaking letter not asking for any additional loan amount
  • Insurance Health Declaration form

Non-Salary Assignment

  • Education Loan Application
  • An irrevocable standing order for the transfer of funds directly to the student account
  • Copy of Liabilities (if any)
  • 12 Months Bank Statement.
  • Valid ID card copy
  • 3 Photo
  • Undertaking Letter from the Guardian (to pay the loan in case of any default of other reason)
  • Undertaking Letter not asking for any additional loan amount
  • Insurance Health Declaration form
  • Salary Certificate (to verify the salary amount)
  • Standing Order (to transfer monthly interest)


  • Education Loan Application
  • Copy of High Education Diploma (Secondary School)
  • Acceptance Letter to study from the recognized Institutions
  • Valid ID card copy
  • 3 Photo
  • Undertaking Letter from the student to provide salary certificate after attainment job
  • Insurance Health Declaration form

University or College Document

  • Acceptance Letter
  • Fees of the institution with break-up details of semester payments
  • Copy of mark sheet (for the exciting student)
  • Details of full address of institution (name of the bank which thy bank with, A/C No, any other necessary documents
22. Who is eligible for Sohar I Home Solutions?

Omani citizens with minimum age 18 and maximum 60, employed in government and in approved private sector companies are eligible for this loan facility while expatriates can benefit from this product towards buying property in designated projects allowed by the law.

23. How much loan amount does Sohar International give?

The loan amount will be up to Ro 150,000 or 80% of the value of the property whichever is lower. The maximum amount is calculated based on the monthly income and the customer's total ability to pay

24. What is the maximum repayment period of the loan?

The maximum repayment period is 25 years including a grace period of up to 18 months

25. Are there any other benefits?

Sohar I Home Solutions offer the lowest interest and insurance premium in the market and the lowest monthly instalments. There is a facility for joint-borrowers with single insurance premium and also the facility to avail of home furnishing finance at the housing loan interest rates.

26. What documents do I need to provide when I apply for the Sohar I Home loan?
  • Omanis - a copy of Id
  • Expatriates - residence card & Passport copy with valid visa
  • Completed Loan Application Form
  • Liability certificate from existing banks/ or financial institutions/ employer (if any)
  • Salary certificate of the applicant/ co-applicant
  • Bank statement of the last six months stamped by the bank
  • Copy of title deed and krooki (plot)
  • Proof of additional income if any
  • Original valuation report from one of the bank's approved valuation agencies

For Construction

  • Copy of construction agreement signed by the contractor, consultant and owner with the schedule of payment
  • Copy of building permit
  • Proof of payment contribution to the contractor if any For Purchase
  • Purchase agreement and the copy of Id card of the seller
  • Proof of down payment to the seller if any