Government Institutions & Public Sector

Government Institutions Group has its prime responsibility as marketing & management of Asset & Liability products of Pure Government and Public Sector Units. Pure Governments are institutions owned and operated by the Government of Sultanate e.g. The Government, its various Ministries, and other authorized offices. Public Sector Units are those companies where direct or indirect shareholding of the Government is 51% and more.

The dedicated set up for Government & Quasi-Government institutions will ensure faster credit approval process and efficient service to this esteemed set of the client group. The Bank has set up a dedicated unit to cater to the needs of Government entities/bodies and thus the Bank should be well geared to meet their varied Banking requirements. The range of products and services to meet the institutional and personal Banking requirements are also structured by the Group. Vigorous calling programs are also arranged to ensure they touch base with the Governments on a frequent basis.

The services provided to clients under this unit include remittances, trade finance, corporate credit cards, remote online banking systems and ATM locations, as well as other retail and corporate banking products and services. The unit continues to work closely with other units of Sohar International, especially the Retail Banking Division, to provide tailor-made products and solutions for the government institutions. By combining retail and service banking offerings, the unit is well equipped to meet the specific needs and requirements of its valued clients as well as their staff. The unit also partners with leading local Omani banks on syndications that address the financial requirements of large-sized projects of national importance in various economic sectors including shipping, hospitality, oil and gas to name but a few.

Pure Government: Bassam Hayat Tel: 24662181

Ministries: Saif Al Yahyai Tel: 24662036

Contract Finance

We offer contract finance facilities to finance projects sponsored by the government and reputed private companies. These facilities are structured based on the cash flows of the specific contract being financed. Funded facilities include:

  • Discounting of Certified Bills / Invoices
  • Contract Loans
  • Contract Overdrafts
  • Loans against Trust Receipts

Non-funded facilities include:

  • Bid Bonds
  • Performance Bonds
  • Advance Payment Bonds
  • Sight and Usance Letters of Credit

Real Estate Financing

Real Estate Financing solutions consist mainly of Real Estate Loans to finance properties acquisition and development. Projects are assessed by teams from the Engineering Department and the Real Estate Department, who also monitor the progress and supervise project specifications and compliances to the present market standards, to ensure optimum occupancy and sufficient generation of rental income to service the debt.

Working Capital

We offer a full range of working capital facilities for companies engaged in activities such as manufacturing, trading, contracting and services. Funded facilities offered include:

  • Overdrafts
  • Money Market Loans
  • Bills / Invoice Discounting
  • Advance against Receivables
  • Loans against Trust Receipts
  • Export Packing Credit
  • Export Bill Discounting

Non-funded facilities offered include:

  • Sight and Usance Letters of Credit
  • Availization of Bills
  • Standby Letters of Credit
  • Payment Guarantees
  • Shipping Guarantees

Special Financing

We offer special purpose financing to meet specific customer requirements. This financing includes:

  • Share Trading Loans / Overdrafts
  • Real Estate Trading Loans / Overdrafts
  • Real Estate Development Loans
  • Seasonal Finance
  • Bridge Loans
  • Intra-month Financing
  • Specific Order Financing
  • Investment Loans
  • General Purpose Corporate Loans
  • Asset Purchase Loans
  • Cash Flow Financing

FX & Interest Rate Advisory

We advise customers on how to optimally manage their foreign currency and interest rate exposures through forwarding contracts, forward rate agreements, currency/interest rate swaps and options, and other management strategies.

Other Services

We are indeed proud to offer the value-added services to our corporate clients in the likes of Corporate Current / Call & FD Accounts, Internet Banking, Sweeping & pooling facilities for your surplus funds, Corporate Credit Cards, Consultancy services for your trade-related matters, etc…

Project Advisory

We offer Project Advisory services for customers venturing into new projects. The advisory covers a study on the project viability and advises on various project aspects – location, logistic, technology, capital structuring, phasing, etc. The Bank has expertise in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) structure and can offer extensive advisory services in this area.

Term Loans

We structure medium-term loans repayable in over a period of time aiming to meet varies CAPEX requirements for commercial clients, multinationals, Government, Semi-Government, Public Sector & institutions, who are operating in different industries in the Sultanate and in the cross border. Our well trained dedicated Corporate Senior Relationship Managers are only pleased to assist you in arranging the most suited financial package for your requirements.

Project Finance

The dedicated Project Finance unit of the Bank possesses strong capabilities in structuring, appraising, and syndicating projects related to various key sectors including Oil & Gas, Metals, Mining & Minerals, Real Estate, Tourism, Energy, Roads, Ports, Airports, Railways, Special Economic Zones (SEZs) to accommodate greater levels of foreign direct investment (FDI). Over the years, the Unit has established itself as a dependable financier by financing various projects across the Sultanate to fast track the development & progress of the nation and ultimately driving the GDP growth. In addition to syndicated loans, the bank offers a comprehensive suite of project finance facilities for the construction and development of large projects, including bilateral loans, guarantee and letter of credit facilities.

We offer Project Finance facilities, both funded and non-funded, for the construction and development of large projects. These facilities can either be structured with recourse to the project sponsor or, alternatively, on the basis of the project strength - that is, without recourse or with limited recourse to the project sponsor.

For Project Finance we offer facilities including:

  • Syndicated Loans
  • Bilateral Loans
  • Guarantee Facilities
  • Letter of Credit Facilities
  • Working Capital for Projects
  • Structured Finance products

The unit is headed by Srinivasa E Rao, who can be reached out at +968 24662115

Cash Management Services

We offer a comprehensive range of Cash Management Services, with competitive pricing on collections, remittances and salary accounts.

We also offer, on a case-to-case basis, an advisory on Commodity Futures and Options..