Ready Cash is a hybrid financial solution with singular benefits for customers.

The product combines high returns with instant liquidity allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of earning a high interest yield on their term deposit, together with instant access to liquidity through an overdraft facility 24/7.

1000 OMR*

Minimum deposit

12 months

Minimum tenor

60 months

Maximum tenor

How Ready Cash works

Visit any branch of Sohar International and open Ready Cash Deposit Account in Omani Rials. This Term Deposit will entitle you to an instant overdraft facility of up to 75% of your term deposit. You can avail the overdraft facility with the convenience of your cheque book and Visa Electron Debit Card.

Overdraft facility

Instant overdraft facility will be up to 75% of the deposit amount.
Tenor of the overdraft will be equivalent to the deposit tenor.
Interest on the overdraft facility will be 1% over and above the deposit rate.

Premature Closure

In the event of premature closure, the interest rate on deposit will be 1% less than the rate applicable for the period for which deposit has remained with the bank, and Interest on the overdraft facility will be at the original interest rate charged on the overdraft facility.

Service Charge

A one-time charge of RO 10/- will be levied at the time of opening the Ready Cash Deposit Account.

Documents required for a term deposit account

Omani nationals should provide copy of their national ID card.

Non-Omani Residents (Expatriates) should provide copy of their passport and resident card.

Both should also bring the minimum amount required to open the particular account.


All individuals including the joint account holder, All residents of Oman, All non-resident Omani nationals, Businessmen, Business and commercial establishments, financial institutions, Corporate organizations/institutions, government and semi-government organizations, charitable trusts/organizations.

and in multiples of 1000 OMR thereof.

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