Visa Prepaid cards have all the benefits you would expect from Visa and are simple and convenient to use — even if you do not have a bank account or an established banking history.

With a Visa prepaid card, you can only use the amount loaded onto it, which helps to control spending. Prepaid cards are a safer alternative to gift vouchers, checks or cash and can be used at millions of shops and other outlets around the world.


ATM withdrawal fee


Card issurance fee

Minimum Salary
Issuence Fee
Cash withdrawal
Max 500 per day
What is a prepaid card?

A prepaid card looks like any other Visa card, but works differently. You can use it wherever Visa cards are accepted, but you can only spend up to the available balance on your card. With a prepaid card, you load funds onto your card and use that money to make purchases and withdraw cash. You are not borrowing money from a bank or other financial institution.

How does a prepaid card work?

The prepaid card can be used wherever Visa Cards are accepted, including at ATM’s. The cardholder signs for purchases and gets a receipt. However, unlike a credit card, each purchase is deducted from the prepaid balance on the card.

Where can I use my prepaid card?

You may use your prepaid card to make purchases at over 2.5 ATM’s and 40 Million merchants worldwide. You can make online purchases, buy airline tickets, pay hotel and car rental bills as well as pay for petrol or groceries and much more!

How is a prepaid card different from a credit card?

The prepaid card looks like a credit card. It has the Visa logo and allows the convenience of cashless purchases like a signature-based credit card. Your card is pre-loaded with an amount that you determine and which is taken from your own account.

For a prepaid card, there is no “line of credit” extended. This means that your spending limit is determined by the amount of money that you have loaded to your card. Best of all, because it’s not a credit card, there are no finance charges, no late fees, and no accumulation of debt."

What are the advantages of the prepaid card over cash?

The main advantage is the safety of carrying a piece of plastic with access to your cash, versus carrying a fold of bills in your pocket. Cash may be lost or stolen and may be gone forever. With the prepaid card your money is safe even if you leave it somewhere so long as you take the precaution of keeping your PIN number away from the card.

What happens if the prepaid card is lost or stolen?

You should call the Call Center to report the loss or theft of a prepaid card. After you have reported the loss of a card, you are not responsible for any unauthorized transactions that may have occurred on the card.

How is a prepaid card different from a debit card?

A prepaid card is a re-loadable card limited to the amount of money that you have loaded on to the card. When you purchase an item with your prepaid card, the purchase amount is withdrawn from the spending balance on your card and never directly from the saving or checking account that you use to load money on to the card. A debit card on the other hand directly accesses your funds in the checking or savings account.

Can the prepaid card be used at ATMs?

Yes, the prepaid card will work at ATMs. You can withdraw cash with your card using the PIN up to the amount available on the card. The ATM withdrawal fee applies.

Are there spending limits?

The beauty of the prepaid card is that you set your own limits. Your spending power is limited only by how much money is loaded onto the card. When the money is finished, you just need to load more money on to the card.

Is a security deposit required to open a prepaid card?

No security deposit is required to open a prepaid card.

Will my prepaid card have interest or finance charges?

With a prepaid card you are not borrowing money and you will not be required to pay interest or finance charges on the card.

When I use my prepaid card, is the money taken from my card right away?


What happens if I return something I purchased with a prepaid card for a store refund?

Just like a regular credit card, the amount refunded will appear as a credit on your card account.

What if there isn’t enough money on my card to cover a purchase?

The transaction will be declined if you do not have enough money loaded on your card.

What is the maximum limit for withdrawal?
Do I need to register my Sohar International Prepaid Card for Verified by Visa?

Yes, if your prepaid card is enabled for internet transactions, you will need to register the card for Verified by Visa. Please note that your Sohar International Prepaid Card comes with zero credit limit, therefore, during registration for Verified by Visa in the credit limit field, you’ll enter “0”.

Fees and commission

ATM Cash Withdrawal Fees
Cash Withdrawal at Sohar International ATM & other ATMs within OmanNetRO 1
Cash Withdrawal at ATMs outside OmanRO 2/-
Other Fees & Charges
Card Issuance FeeRO 3/-
Pin Re-Issue FeeRO 5/-
Card Replacement FeeRO 10/-
Duplicate Statement FeeRO 5/-
Receipt Copy Request Fee (on invalid disputes only)RO 10/-
Foreign Transactions Fees (apply for all transactions made in currencies other than OMR)2.50%

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