Send money to India in seconds.

India Money Remittance is a unique service in Oman in partnership with Axis Bank. With our money transfer service enjoy the benefits of sending money from the comfort of your home or office to your near and dear ones in India.

1 OMR*

Transaction fee


Transfer time to an Axis Bank** branch

>24 hours

Transfer time to a NEFT bank***

You can send money immediately from your Sohar International account to any of the 74,000 branches of more than 100 banks across India that are part of the National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) network.

Who can get the service?

Individuals holding Savings or Current accounts with Sohar International. Remittance services are available through eBanking and at all of our branches.

How to obtain the service?

Through eBanking

Register with Sohar International’s eBanking and after logging in look for the link named India Remittance in the left side menu options.

Register the beneficiary’s (money receiver’s) account details in the “Add Beneficiary” link. This is a one-time job and is completed instantly.

Once your beneficiary is registered, go to the “Transfer” option and type in the necessary information. Select Submit. You will then receive a confirmation.

At a Sohar International branch

Simply visit any branch.

Ask for a Beneficiary Registration Form and a Remittance Form.

Fill in the necessary details.


Fast, reliable, safe

Fast, safe, reliable money transfer in seconds to an Axis Bank* branch - or no later than 24 hours* to other banks in India


Competitive exchange rate

SMS alerts

SMS beneficiary registration and transaction alerts for EK-DO-TEEN India Remittance Transfers.

Digital Transfer Limits Tarrits

Transaction TypePer Transaction Limit (OMR)Daily Limit (OMR)Monthly Limit (OMR)
Self Transfer- Same CIF50,00050,000300,000
Transfer with Sohar20,00020,000300,000
Transfer with Oman20,00020,000300,000
India Remittance (AXIS)5,0007,50050,000
International Remittance (SWIFT)20,00025,000300,000
Credit Card Payment25,00025,000100,000
Prepaid Card Recharge2,0005,00050,000
Bill Payment2,0005,00010,000
Top-Up and Recharge5,0005,00010,000
Transfer to 'Debit' Card1,0002,00050,000
Insurance Payment1,0001,0005,000
Mobile Transfer P2P5001,00010,000
Mobile Transfer Pull P2P5001,0005,000

With our money transfer service enjoy the benefits of sending money from the comfort of your home or office to your near and dear ones in India.

* introductory rate.

** Transfer Funds instantly to any Axis Bank Account in India

*** For all other Banks Accounts in India transfer funds in 30-60 mins when Reserve Bank of India (RBI) option of National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) window is open. NEFT window is open between 9AM-7PM IST Monday to Friday and 9AM-1PM IST on Saturdays. NEFT window is closed on Sundays and on Bank Holidays in India

For more information, visit you nearest branch or call us.