Sohar International’s Treasury offers a wide spectrum of treasury services ranging from FX, Fixed Income, Interest Rate products and derivatives.

We provide regular upto date information on various markets and products to our large corporate clients, small and medium enterprises and various government departments and fund managers.

Treasury Services

A highly trained and experienced dealing team

Having access to global money and foreign exchange markets, we provide comprehensive cash management and risk management solutions to our valuable clients. A highly trained and experienced dealing team complemented by state of the art technology ensures reliability, efficiency and customer satisfaction besides fine pricing and structuring.

Daily Market Commentary

Our dealers provide customers with a daily market commentary through e-mails and short SMS updates. The commentary provides a summary update of exchange and interest rates, market developments, economic indicators and projected events in the local and global markets enabling customers to make informed decisions.

Opening hours

Currently, the bank’s dealing room functions between 8 am - 4 pm.

Money Market

We accept deposit transactions from a wide variety of organizations and individuals, fixed or on call basis. Flexi interest payments can be at maturity or at rollover, Fixed rate, floating from start of transaction, floating with periodic rate fixes based on interest-fixing dates determined by client. We would be delighted to assist you with your requirement to maximize your return with the minimum of effort.

Call deposits

Structured deposits

Foreign Currency deposit

Derivatives / Hedging Services

Sohar International provides Derivative Instruments, such as currency options and futures, which derive their value from the value of an underlying security. You can purchase or sell derivative products to manage your risk associated with the underlying security, to protect against fluctuations in value, or to profit from periods of inactivity or decline. We structure hedging products to assist risk managers and investors to minimize their associated investment risk. These techniques can be quite complicated and quite risky. Our hedge services are:

Analysis of client’s key market exposures

Advice on interest and foreign exchange rate movements.

Development of hedge strategies for client approval

Execution of approved strategies

Legal disclaimer:
All information and advice provided by Treasury is on a best efforts basis, and the clients will be responsible for the financial consequences of their own decisions. Employees of Sohar International shall bear no liability arising out of profits or losses arising from decisions taken by the clients.

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