With Internet Banking, your bank travels with you and you have online, real time access to your accounts through the internet.

Welcome to World Class Internet Banking Facility from Sohar International. In today’s digital world, Internet banking assumes a special significance. Sohar International has made available to you the internationally benchmarked Internet Banking. Understanding the need for accessing the bank and the account information’s anywhere anytime.


Once you log into your Sohar International Internet Banking account on, you can view your account information and carry out transactions over the Internet. Listed below are the services that are available to you through our Internet Banking Service.

Account Balance Enquiry and Statement

Check out your last 10 transactions in your operative account with real time account balance and information about operative, deposit and loan account.

Transaction History

Check out past transactions and download periodic statement

Transfer funds

Funds to your own Accounts
Transfer funds instantaneously to any Sohar International Account
Supports multicurrency fund transfer
Transfer money locally,Internationally & to India.

Service Requests

Change pin
Block Card
Adjust limits
Enable/Disable online transactions


Track the financial and non-financial activities done through Net Banking.
Change Profile
Change your login and transaction passwords. You can also change your SMS PIN thru Internet Banking

Online Bill Payment

Make payments to your Water, Electricity, Mobile, Internet, landline Service Providers and other utilities
The Online Bill Payment service is free
Make part or total payment to your bills one time or on a recurring basis based on the frequency specified
View past transactions and set minimum payment instructions


This service is available to all v customers who have savings, current, term deposits or loan account with the bank. This facility is currently available to all account holders, where the mode of operation of account is Single/Either or Survivor/Anyone or Survivor. This facility is NOT issued to Minors, Illiterate or heirs, and customers with at least one account where the mode of operation is jointly.

For availing this facility, applicant should have authority to operate account with full permission.


Transfer with self-accountsFree
Transfer to customers within Sohar InternationalFree
Transfer to Local Banks in OmanFree
Utility Bill PaymentFree
Transfer Funds to IndiaOMR 1/-
Demand Draft/Pay Order – OMROMR 1/-
Demand Draft/Pay Order – Foreign CurrencyOMR 3/-
Cheque Book Request 10 LeavesOMR 1/-
Cheque Book Request 25 LeavesOMR 2/-
Cheque Book Request 50 LeavesOMR 3/-

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1. New User Registration

Register online through our Login Page or walk down to any of our branches and ask for the Internet Banking Registration form. Fill in the registration form duly signed by all account holders and submit the filled in application form in the branch.

You can also download or register the Internet Banking Registration Form by clicking on the below links:

Register Now

English Form / Arabic Form.

The filled in form, duly signed by all the account holders, can be given at any Sohar International branch. It can also be sent at the following address:

Sohar International,
Internet Banking Operations;
P.O. Box: 44
Hai Al Mina
Postal Code: 114
Sultanate of Oman.

You can collect your user-id and passwords from your base branch after 4 working days of our receipt of the request.

2. Forgot Password

In case you forgot your Internet Banking User ID and/or login & transaction passwords, click on the Forgot Password link on the login page or call the call center on 24730000 and request for a reissue of your user ID and/or password. You can also download the Password Request form. The filled in form, duly signed by all account holders, can be given at any branch. You can collect your user-id and passwords from your base branch after 4 working days of our receipt of the request.

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1. How do I apply for Consumer Internet Banking?

You can apply for the service at any of the Sohar International branches by filling in the Internet Banking Registration form. The application form duly signed by the customer can be submitted in the branch. You can collect your Login-id and passwords (login and transaction password) from the branch after 4 working days of our receipt of the request

2. What services can I get on Internet Banking?

Account Balance Enquiry and Statement
Check out your last 10 transactions in your operative account with real time account balance and information about operative, deposit and loan account.
Transaction History:
Check out past transactions and download periodic statement.
Transfer funds:
Transfer Funds to your own linked Bank Accounts
Transfer funds instantaneously to any Sohar International Account

Transfer funds to local banks
Supports multicurrency fund transfer
EK-DO-TEEN India Remittance:
Transfer Funds instantly to any Axis Bank Account in India
For all other Banks Accounts in India transfer funds in 30-60 minutes when Reserve Bank of India (RBI) option of National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) window is open. NEFT window is open between 9AM-7PM IST Monday to Friday and 9AM-1PM IST on Saturdays. NEFT window is closed on Sundays and on Bank Holidays in India.
Service Requests:
Stop Payment of Cheque
Order a Demand Draft/Pay order: Order a Demand Draft/Pay Order to be issued from your Sohar International Account.
Order for cheque book
Renewal / Premature Closure of Fixed Deposit: Renew your existing Fixed Deposit Account or request for closure of your existing Fixed Deposit Account.
Read, Write and interact with Account Manager to resolve any queries regarding your Bank relationships.
Track the financial and non-financial activities done through Net Banking.
Change Profile:
Change Password: Change your login and transaction passwords. You can also change your SMS PIN thru Internet Banking.
Nick names: Personalize your account numbers with names you can easily remember.
Date Format: Change date format to your preferred format.
Currency Format: Use million or lakh as the preferred format for viewing your account balance.

3. What rules do I need keep in mind when changing my Login-id and password?

Your Login-ID would be randomly generated by the system and given to you when you register for the service. You would be mandated to change the login-id when you login for the first time. The login id should be at least six characters, which can be alphabets or numerals, or a combination of both. Ideally, you should select a Login ID that is easy to remember, but which is not common, to prevent any one else from guessing your ID. You will have to create a unique id which is not already in use by someone else.

Your login and transaction Password would be randomly generated by the system and given to you when you register for the service. You would be mandated to change the login as well as transaction password when you login for the first time. The password length should be between 8 to 16 characters and should be combination of alphabets, numerals and special characters (like &,#, $,%, etc.). Your password cannot consist of all characters as are in the user id.

4. Are there any additional documents I need to submit to avail the Internet Banking Facility?

No, there is no additional document required for availing the Internet Banking facility except that you will have to submit a copy of the ID card /Passport while registering for the service. You should have an account (operative, loan or fixed account), with the bank to avail the facility.

5. Is there any charge for applying or using Internet banking?

No, currently there is NO charge for applying or using the facility. However, specific services like Demand Drafts will be charged as per the normal charges applicable for these services.

6. What types of accounts are visible through the Internet Banking?

You can access almost all accounts that you maintain with the bank such as Savings Accounts, Current Accounts, Term Deposit Account.

7. I have only a fixed deposit account with you. Will it be useful for me to apply for Internet banking?

Yes, you can access details of your fixed deposit accounts.

8. Can I authorize someone to use my account?

No. Only you are authorized to operate your account and this is for the security of your own account.

9. How can I log in if I have forgotten my password?

Incase if you have forgotten your password, you need to regenerate your passwords. Regeneration is a request for another set of Passwords. For this you can call our call center on 24730000 or walk down to any of the Sohar International branches and give a request for regeneration.

10. Can the customer add other accounts later to the existing Login Id?

As and when you open an account with the bank under the same customer id, it gets automatically linked to your existing login ID.

11. What needs to be collected from the branch once I register for Internet Banking?

You will be provided a login id and set of passwords once you register for the internet banking service. The password set contains two sets of passwords;

Login password, which is used to access the account, and
Transaction Password, which is used for transaction as a second level of security that will be required when any transactions are done on the account.

12. Should the customer keep any minimum balance in my account(s) to avail this facility?

There is NO stipulated separate minimum balance for maintaining Internet Banking.

13. What will happen if the customer does not use Internet banking for a long time after enabling the facility?

Internet Banking will deny the access the accounts through internet unless the account is accessed at least once in 365 days. This is an in-built security measure to take care of the unattended accounts. However, it can be enabled by calling up the call center.

14. What do you mean that the transactions are "Real-Time online"?

We have designed the Internet Banking service in such a way that it takes your requests and acts on them immediately. All transactions that will affect your balance (except Demand Draft / Pay Order request and Fixed deposits closure) are done automatically by the system. All the balances that are displayed to you are as of that instant and would cover transactions done by you over any of our channels.

15. What kind of hardware and software are recommended for using the Internet banking more efficiently?

We recommend having the following configuration:

Hardware: Pentium PC with 32 MB RAM, 5 GB Hard Disk with 100 MB free space, and any operating system that supports the browsers mentioned below.
Software: Internet Explorer Version 9.0, Mozilla Firefox up to version 3.5, Google Chrome up to version 7 and Safar Apple Mac up to version 8
Display Setting: Best viewed on 1024 by 768 resolutions.
To access, the PC should have an internet connection

16. Why is my Internet Banking Password not functioning?

There could be various reasons for the Internet Banking password not functioning:

The Internet Banking Password is case-sensitive and may not have been entered in the same lower or upper case as mentioned.
The account has not been accessed for more than 365 days.

17. How do I change my passwords?

By default, the system would direct you to change the passwords on 3 occasions:

Login in for the 1st time using the passwords given on registration.
Every time you receive the passwords once you regenerate the passwords.
You will need to change the passwords every 365 days.
Incase if you want to change the password at your convenience, the same can be done using the change password option. This is available in the personal preference section of the Internet Banking.

18. What are the measures I can take to ensure greater security?

You should log-out from the Internet Banking when leaving your PC.
Have a screensaver password so that when you are away from your workstation nobody else can access it.
If you think someone knows your password go online and change it immediately
Always change your password continuously, choose ""strong"" 8 to 10 digit passwords (alphanumeric) and change them regularly; avoid obvious passwords (names of family members, pets, date of birth, etc), and don't tell anyone else your passwords.
You should not write a password down on any paper which may be easily accessible to anyone.
If you are using the Internet in a public place (e.g. a Cyber Cafe) do not leave the PC unattended, and ensure that no-one is watching what you type.
Logoff from Internet Banking upon completion of your session. Use the Log-out button to Log out so that the session closes and don't shut the window to Log off.
You should have an updated antivirus on your PC.
To ensure complete confidentiality of your transactions, you are advised to clear the cache memory of the Internet browser. You may also delete all files including any offline contents from the temporary Internet Files Folder.
We would never contact you by email, SMS or phone calls to ask details on your account, your card or your Passwords and does not ask you for any personal information other than your user ID and password when you log into www.soharinternational.com
Always start you session from the Sohar International Home page i.e. www.soharinternational.com.

19. Sometimes, when I try to log in at the Internet Banking site, I get the message "Connection not Established, Try Again...”

The connection between your PC and the server may not have got established properly because of multiple reasons. You can refresh and reload and try again. Incase if the problem persists, please contact us via email on netbanking@banksohar.net .

20. Whom should I contact if I have problem in accessing Internet banking?

You can contact our call center at (+968) 2473 0000 or write to us at netbanking@banksohar.net.

21. How secure is Internet banking?

Sohar International is committed to provide the safest Internet banking service to our valued customers so that all transactions involving financial and customer data are conducted in a safe and secure environment.

Adequate security features are in-built into our Internet banking to protect our customers. We use VeriSign's 128-bit encryption.

We also have virtual keypad functionality which avoids any key logger attacks. Additional security comes with the User ID and Password, which are provided to you by the bank to access your account. Moreover, our servers record all activity including Logon, Logoffs, and access violations.

Terms and conditions

Sohar International SAOG (“Bank”) is the owner of this website (“Bank’s Website”). Your use of the Bank’s Website for any purpose related to Internet Banking is subject to the following terms and conditions of use (“Terms and Conditions”), which you should read carefully. Your actions in accessing any part of the Bank’s Website relating to Internet Banking indicate your agreement to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions.

References to “You” and “Your” in these Terms and Conditions are references to you, the person(s) accessing the Bank’s Website.

1. Password

Our first password will be a random system generated password. The first time you sign on to the Bank’s Website you must change your password to one you select yourself. Your password must be alpha-numeric and must be eight (8) characters long. The password you select must not be unsuitable. Unsuitable password’s include birth dates, months or years; sequential numbers (e.g. 3456); number combinations that may be easily guessed (e.g. 1111), parts of your telephone number; other easily accessible personal data (e.g. driving licence, date of birth or other numbers easily connected with you); family, pet or street names.
You must safeguard your password at all times. For instance your password must be committed to your memory and under no circumstances should you keep a written or electronic record of your password either together with your username or alone, nor disclose your password to any other person, including family and those with apparent authority i.e. bank staff or the Police. You must take care to ensure no-one can see you enter your password and report the disclosure or possible disclosure to the Bank as soon as you are aware or suspect your password has been disclosed. We will never send you an email asking you to confirm your security information or asking you to disclose your username or password. The password must remain confidential to you alone and you must take all reasonable steps to prevent disclosure of your password.

2. Use

You will not use or permit the use of the Bank’s Website in whole or in part for any purpose, whether legal or illegal, other than as specifically intended to carry out your banking transactions and banking enquiries via the Bank’s Internet banking service. Transactions carried out via the Bank’s Website are subject to all the Bank authorities, conditions, fees and charges applying at the time of the transaction. Your use of the Bank’s Website with your username and password to carry out banking transactions is your authority to us to carry out such transactions on your nominated accounts. You acknowledge that we shall have no obligation to verify authenticity of any instruction received from you or purporting to have been sent by you via the Bank’s Website, and that we may, without further enquiry, act on any directions contained in an instruction which on its face purports to be genuine.

3. Account access

You will only be able to use the Bank’s Website to access those accounts where you are:
the account holder and sole signatory; or
authorised to act alone where there is more than one signatory, and on accounts where you are the owner of the account (either together or alone with another person) and you are authorised to operate the account alone.

4. Accuracy of information – mistakes

You are responsible for and must take all reasonable care to ensure the information you supply via the Bank’s Website is accurate. We accept no responsibility or liability for any consequences arising out of incorrect or incomplete information supplied by you or for failure to transmit such information in the manner requested by you. You must let us know as soon as you think there has been an error or mistake and we will endeavour to rectify the error wherever possible. If we find an error in your accounts, we will endeavour to correct the error and inform you on a best effort basis.

5. Transactions

We will endeavour to effect such payment transactions on your account/s as are received via the Bank’s Website, provided there are sufficient funds available in your accounts, without any responsibility or liability for any refusal or omission to make all or any of the payments or for late payment or for any omission to follow any such instructions, due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. It is your responsibility to ensure sufficient funds are available in your accounts at all times to cover payment transactions.

6. Electronic Payments

The operation of Automatic Payments, Transfers and electronic payments in general are governed by the Bank’s Conditions of Use for the Bank’s Website, General Terms governing Conduct of Accounts and any other Terms and Conditions provided to you by the Bank. Please consult your copy of these Terms and Conditions for further information.

7. Bill Payment

When you set up a Bill Payment, you authorise us to debit your nominated Bank account with the amounts you request to be paid to a specific person (i.e. service providers, vendors and utility providers) from time to time. We will endeavour to make the payments you request, although we accept no responsibility or liability for any refusal or omission to make any or all of the payments, or for late payment or omission to follow your instructions. In particular, we accept no responsibility or liability for:
the accuracy of the information you supply to us when setting up, changing, or deleting Bill Payment authorities, or when issuing or processing payment instructions.
to track whether you have made payments through channels other than the [Bill Payment ;
the timeliness of payment to or its receipt by the specific person;
the discontinuation, suspension or cancellation of your services, goods or utility for any reason whatsoever;
the quality of services or goods for which you made the Bill Payment, or delay or non-delivery of the same due to any reason whatsoever;
any shortfall or excess in payment made to the specific person by the Bill Payment.
All Bill Payment instructions received from you will be subject to any other arrangements you may have with us in relation to your accounts. We may in our absolute discretion conclusively determine the order of priority of payments requested pursuant to any Bill Payment instruction or any other payment instruction or cheque drawn on your account.
Any Bill Payment Authority given by you will remain in effect for all Bill Payments made in good faith, notwithstanding your death, bankruptcy or other revocation of this authority, until actual notice of such event is received by us.
In the event of a payment not being made on due date for any reasons referred to in these Terms and Conditions, arrangements for that payment will become your sole responsibility. All current bank charges for the Bank’s Bill Payment service will be debited to your account.
Certain service providers/vendors/utilities offer bill payments over Electronic Banking, with or without the ability for the Customer to know the details of such bills. However the Bank shall not be liable or responsible for:
the accuracy of such bills/outstanding and/or details thereof or whether the bill was made available over Electronic Banking on time or not;
to track whether the Customer has made payments through channels other than the Electronic Banking;
the timeliness of payment to the respective service providers/vendors/utilities;
the timeliness of receipt of payment by the respective service provider/vendor/utility;
the discontinuation/suspension/partial suspension/cancellation of the service/goods/utility, for any reason whatsoever, and the consequences thereof;
the quality of the service/goods for which the payment is intended/made or delay/non-delivery of the same due to any reason whatsoever including but not limited to the fault of the service provider/vendor/utility or the service provider/vendor/utility going into bankruptcy/suspending/ceasing to do business;
any short/excess payment made to service provider/vendor/utility, and for which, the Customer is solely liable to follow up and settle the shortfall and or for refunds.

8. Daily Customer Limits

Payments made by Transfer, Automatic Payments and Bill Payments are subject to a daily cumulative limit.

9. Funds Transfer

When you complete your Funds Transfer payment, you authorise us to debit your nominated Bank account with the amounts you request be paid to a specific person from time to time. We accept no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information you supply to us when issuing or processing Funds Transfer payment instructions. In particular, we accept no responsibility if you, by mistake, make a Funds Transfer payment into an account if you enter the wrong account number. A Funds Transfer payment is irrevocable and cannot be stopped, cancelled or altered once actioned.

10. Who pays for transactions on your account(s) if there is unauthorised use of your account?

You will not be liable for losses occurring via the Bank’s Website caused by:
fraudulent or negligent conduct by employees or agents of the Bank or parties involved with the provision of electronic banking services;
unauthorised transactions before you are able to access the Bank’s Website for the first time or during any period we prevent you from accessing the Bank’s Website.
You will be liable for some or all loss from unauthorised transactions if you have breached these Terms and Conditions, for example (but not limited to) by doing the following:
keeping a written or electronic record of your password or keeping your username in a form that can be readily identified as a password; disclosing or failing to take all reasonable steps to prevent disclosure of your password to anyone whether family or those having apparent authority, including bank staff or allowing any person to use your access code and/or password;
having unreasonably delayed telling us that your account/s have been accessed without your authorization or your password had been disclosed or otherwise compromised;
selecting an unsuitable password;
using a computer or device that does not have appropriate protective software and operating system installed and up to date;
failing to take reasonable steps to ensure that the protective systems such as virus scanning, firewall, anti-malware, anti-spyware, operating system and anti-spam software on your computer are up to date;
leaving your computer unattended when logged on to the Bank’s Website; or
failing to follow our reasonable security warnings about the appropriate processes and safeguards to follow when using internet banking.
Notwithstanding the above, if you have used or allowed your account to be used to process fraudulent or unauthorised transactions you may be liable for some or all of the loss suffered by the party who has been defrauded, regardless of the balance in your account.
We reserve the right to request access to your computer or device in order to verify that you have taken all reasonable steps to protect your computer or device and safeguard your secure information in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. If you refuse our request for access then we may refuse your claim.

11. Changes to these Terms and Conditions

The Bank reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time on giving you at least 14 days notice, except for interest rates and other variations that are subject to market fluctuations. Notice to you may be given either by direct communication (by mail to your last notified address or electronically via the Internet or to your e-mail address) or by display in all Branches or by notice in the media (including public notices). In addition, where terms and conditions are displayed on our website, changes will be noted there (“Notice”).

12. Fees and Charges

We may from time to time upon giving you Notice, introduce or change fees and charges for your use of the Bank’s Internet banking service. You will also be subject to any standard fees and charges for automated transactions or bill payments. You authorise us to debit the account nominated by you for the amount of our fees and charges and any Government taxes or charges payable on transactions made via the Bank’s Website. If at any time there are insufficient funds in your nominated account to cover fees and changes, we are authorised to overdraw your nominated account by debiting fees and charges or debit any other account you hold with us.

13. Alerts

Alerts are certain messages sent to you triggered by certain events taking place in your account. The Bank shall not be liable for the timeliness, completeness, accuracy and successful delivery or receipt of such alerts nor for the information or lack thereof contained in such alerts.

14. Correspondent Bank Relationship

The Bank uses the services of correspondent banks to provide various services (i.e. draft issuance and cheque collection). The Bank will take all reasonable care to protect your interests when using these services, but the Bank will not be responsible if you suffer loss as a result of the actions of the correspondent bank.

15. Withdrawal of the Bank’s Website Service

You may request that we withdraw your access to the Bank’s Website. Such request must be in writing and you will remain responsible for any transactions made on your account/s via the Bank’s Website up until the time of cancellation. We will not normally withdraw your Bank’s Website access until we have given you at least 14 days notice setting out the relevant details. However, we may suspend or withdraw your Bank’s Website access without prior notice if:
you have breached these Terms and Conditions;
we learn of your death, bankruptcy or lack of legal capacity or that you have been adjudicated bankrupt or bankruptcy proceedings are pending or contemplated;
there are insufficient funds to cover payments or payment instructions given;
we consider that we have other reasonable grounds to do so (in which case all reasonable efforts will be made to advise you of the circumstances of withdrawal or suspension);
we are complying with a court order;
we are notified by any party of a dispute over either the ownership or funds or the operation of the account; or
we are protecting one or all of the parties to the account, us or a third party who has reasonably claimed an interest in the account.
We reserve the right to vary, change or upon giving you Notice, withdraw the Bank’s Website service at any time.

16. Customer Acknowledgement and Indemnity

You agree to follow the instructions supplied to you in relation to the use of the Bank’s Website and you agree not to use or permit the Bank’s Website or any part, to be used for any illegal or improper purpose. You acknowledge that any unauthorised reproduction of any proprietary information included in the Bank’s Internet banking service, or any portion of it may result in legal action being taken. You agree to indemnify the Bank and hold us harmless for any loss incurred or damage suffered by us, our customers or a third party or for any claim or action which may be brought against us by a customer or third party, which is in anyway the result of your use of the Bank’s Website, or your failure to take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised use of the Bank’s Website.

17. The Bank Limitation of Liability

The Bank and its employees or agents shall not be liable for any act or failure to fulfill its obligations or loss suffered in relation to provision of the Bank’s Website service if the act, omission, failure or loss arises from any cause or event reasonably beyond our control. These events may include (but shall not be limited to) natural calamities, strikes, lockouts, riots, acts of war, epidemics, earthquakes, floods, governmental action, fire, communication line failures, power failures, computer or processing system failure.

18. Notices

All notices to us required under the Terms and Conditions must be made to P.O. Box 44, Postal Code 114, Sultanate of Oman.